Retailer of Month

Piteswar kumar sahu

Connecting with a Sarthak family was an important decision of my life, very good behavior is done in a Sarthak family, since when it comes to sarthak, economic benefits have increased a lot in my business, sarthak in any trouble or difficult always stands together I hope that the sarthak will go far ahead and the number one company will be formed in Future.


Best Of Luck!


Piteswar Kumar Sahu

AePS Retailer

Retailer of the Month (second Runner-up)

Rahul Maurya

Hello My name is in this Rahul Maurya and I have been working with the last 4 months sarthak
My experience is very good with sarthak work together with everyone is very quick and there is no problem. Tech support is very good. The action is taken immediately and the solution is also given.
I wish that the sarthak things go on like this

Thank you !

Rahul Maurya

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